Monday, February 22, 2010

Good News!

Paramore recently visited Dreamworld, a theme park in Australia on their tour. When I checked out the pictures I noticed Hayley was wearing the shoes I made her! Definitely very exciting which also, in turn, means she's wearing them on tour which is amazing! Knowing that thousands of people are seeing my artwork is an indescribable feeling and more than I've ever expected. Also now I want to go to Australia and go to this place because anywhere that allows me to hang out with wild animals I'm all about!

You can see the shoes better in this pic at
Nice shoes ehh!? :)

In Other News:

Last Thursday, the 18th, Chad of New Found Glory was nice enough to guest list me for their NYC show and we finally got to meet. He thanked me for his shoes and how he's always afraid he's going to mess them up. I assured him that they are tour-proof haha. We also talked about his solo project and how he wants me to do a large scale horror themed painting. It was an amazing experience and he is an awesome person. Everyone should check out his solo music at . We also both have Little Mermaid tattoos which we captured here:

My life rules.


  1. she's heading my way on saturday for soundwave in adelaide and im sure to take photos, if shes wearing your shoes i'll be sure to take photos and post them on my blog :)

  2. oh wow, i saw those on her twitter a while back - they look amazing!

    just now i was googling pet semetery for different reasons and i found the pic, thought it was the same shoes and ended up here :D

    so now i've been browsing around your stuff, and you're truly amazing at what you do :)

    i wish i could buy a pair some day :)

  3. dude i made a bag (painted it) for hayley n gave it to chad to give it to her n he didnt -_- that dick...