Friday, January 8, 2010

2009...that's a wrap!

Hey everyone! I haven't taken the time to write in here too much but right now I'd like to take the time to send out a huge thank you! Thank you to everyone for making Sink or Swim Custom Kicks first official year as a business a success. I started Sink or Swim this year as an opportunity to do what I love and expose my artwork to anyone who was willing to take the time to look. My expectations were blown out of the water with the amount of response and support from all of you. I'd first like to thank my parents for being so helpful and supportive and not killing me for all of the paint stains I've gotten all over the house :). My studio is my bedroom and a box of paint markers and fabric paint. Everything I've done with this company from start to finish with the shoes I do on my own and have learned each step through trial and error (trust me I've made a lot of mistakes).
Another thank you to the rest of my family. To my friends, thank you for all of your support and orders. To John Ryan specifically, without your promotional efforts, constantly wearing the shoes I've made you and spreading the word about Sink or Swim, this company wouldn't have been half of what it is. I am forever grateful. To the support of wonderful bands and friends such as The Swellers, A Loss for Words, The World We Knew, Shai Hulud, Madball, and of course Paramore and New Found Glory. To Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert especially for taking the time out of your hectic lives to recognize what I do and support me to the fullest extent. Thank you Vans Girls for the recognition, that was amazing! And finally to all of the customers I didn't know and have gotten to know throughout the year...thank you, you are what makes this all worth it. I feel like I'm accepting an Oscar or something and this is my awards speech haha. I'm probably making myself sound way more important than I am but I want to make sure everyone knows how thankful I am for the support. I don't do any of this for the money, I would be painting everyday regardless. I love this and wouldn't want to be doing anything else. So thank you everyone for a really successful 2009 and that was only the first year. I foresee a lot of great things in 2010 for Sink or Swim and its customers. We've only just begun! Thank you so much again everyone!

"I'll realize how fast time could go
Thanks for everything
You know how much this means
What can I say
That can explain
All this time
I'm loving life" -The Starting Line


  1. Dude,where is the farthest you can shoes to?
    because I live in Ireland so its kinda far from America!

  2. Ditto, I live in the UK?? Where are they available from, you will go FAR in 2010!!